Golden Retriever Dog Price in India (2022) And Its Other Expenses

The Golden Retriever is among the most popular dog breeds in the world. Their Friendly, gentle, and loving nature build emotional connections with humans. Golden Retrievers have a natural love of water and they can be easily trained from basic to advanced obedience standards.

If you are looking to have a Golden Retriever Puppy as a new family member then you should know Golden Retriever Dog Price in India and how much are its monthly expenses or is it worth buying a Golden Retriever dog in India.

In this article, we will share detailed information about Golden Retriever Price in India and its price variations with different cities of India. also, you will get to know some basic information about Golden Retriever, How to care for Golden Retriever? Common Health-related problems with Golden Retriever Dog and more.

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Golden Retriever Dog Price in India

How much does a Golden Retriever Cost in India? On average, a Golden Retriever Dog Price in India ranges to be around 10,000₹ to 50,000₹. However, the price of a Golden Retriever and its other expenses may vary depending on the City or State you live in, Breeder, Purity of Breed, and many other factors.

Basic Info about Golden Retriever Dog Breed

Breed OriginScotland
Average SizeMedium to Large
Average Height51 cm to 61 cm
Average Weight25 kg to 34 kg
Average Life Span10-12 years
ColourGolden shades or cream
CoatStraight or moderately wavy

Golden Retriever Price in Delhi

As Delhi is a metropolitan city, the cost of Golden Retriever is comparatively higher than other non-metropolitan cities. In Delhi NCR, the cost of a Golden Retriever Puppy can be anything between 18000 ₹ to 45000 ₹ depending on the Breeder, coat, Health, Colour, and other factors.

Golden Retriever Price in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Like Delhi, Mumbai is also a metropolitan city so the price range of a Golden Retriever Puppy in Mumbai is about 16000 ₹ to 50000 ₹ again depending on the coat, breed, breeder, color, health, and other factors. In Mumbai a large number of pet shops and breeders are available.

Golden Retriever Price in Banglore, Karnataka

In Banglore, the cost of a Golden Retriever Puppy is somewhere around 20000 ₹ to 50000 ₹. a good quality Golden Retriever puppy may cost you 30000 ₹ to 40000 ₹ however it may go high depending on the reputation of the breeder.

Golden Retriever Price in Jaipur, Rajasthan

If we discuss the cost of a Golden Retriever Puppy in Jaipur, the pet shop owners, and breeders can ask you around 15000 ₹ to 35000 ₹ for a normal quality breed. This cost may go high for the champions breed of a Golden Retriever Puppy.

Golden Retriever Price in Lucknow, UP

In Lucknow, Uttarpradesh a Golden Retriever price ranges from around 15000 ₹ to 40000 ₹. But I will suggest that before buying a Golden Retriever Puppy please check the originality and purity of the breed. Some fake breeders and sellers may fool you by selling mixed breeds.

Golden Retriever Price in Hydrabad

If you wish to buy a good quality Golden Retriever Puppy in Hyderabad then you have to pay approx. 45000₹. whereas the cost of a normal quality Golden Retriever maybe around 15000 ₹ depending on the reputation of the breeder.

Golden Retriever Price in Kolkata, West Bengal

In Kolkata, West Bengal the cost of a Golden Retriever Puppy may vary between 12000 ₹ to 40000 ₹. A good quality Goldie may cost around 35000 ₹ whereas a normal quality Goldie may cost around 15000 ₹.

Golden Retriever Price in Chennai, Tamilnadu

If we discuss the price of a Golden Retriever in Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu. The minimum cost can be 10000 ₹ and can go maximum up to 38000 ₹. I suggest you please go for a pure breed from a reputable breeder.

Golden Retriever Price in Chandigarh

In Chandigarh, the cost of Golden Retriever Puppy is somewhere around 15000 ₹ to 42000 ₹ again it depends on the color, coat, health, breeder, and the quality of the breed.

Golden Retriever Cost in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

If you are planning to buy a Golden Retriever Puppy in Ahmedabad, Gujarat it may cost you around 18000 ₹ to 45000 ₹. The champion breed will cost higher than the normal breed and it can go around 40000 ₹.

Major Factors Influencing the Cost of a Golden Retriever

golden retriever

In India, the price of a Golden Retriever can vary from city to city. The cost depends on the purity of the breed, the breeder, the coat, the color, and the health of the Golden Retriever Puppy. These all factors are explained below one after one.

1. Purity and Quality of the Breed

The purity of the breed is an important factor in the cost of a Golden Retriever. A pure and healthy breed will be more costly for you than a mixed breed.

2. Breeder

The breeder is another important factor that can affect the price of a golden retriever puppy. If you go to a reputable breeder then it will cost you more than a regular breeder.

3. Location

The place from where you are going to buy a Golden Retriever puppy also plays an important role in influencing the cost. Suppose you are buying a Goldie in metro cities like Mumbai, Kolkatta, Delhi, Jaipur then the price will be more than in other cities.

4. Color of the Coat

Golden Retrievers are available in different shades of colors like light cream, dark cream, light gold, dark gold, etc. A breeder may charge you more for a rarely available color of the coat like cream than that of a golden color of the coat.

NOTE- You should avoid buying a dog from puppy mills. They will generally offer you low prices because the puppies are of low quality and poorily maintained. Their sole purpose is to produce the quantity of breed to earn profit.   

They use cross-bred and genetically weaker dogs to produce puppy and sell them at least price. There are high chances getting genetic disease to your dog. so try to avoid purchasing from these horrible places.

Golden Retriever Maintenance Cost in India

1. Golden Retriever Registration Cost in India

To provide legal rights to your dog and protect them from abuses it is necessary to register your dog with the Kennel Club of India (KCI) or the local regulatory body of your city or area. The annual registration cost for a dog varies between 150 ₹ to 1500 ₹ depending upon the city or state you belong.

2. Golden Retriever Vaccination Cost in India

The vaccination of a dog is mandatory as it plays an important role in protecting your dog from many dangerous and fatal diseases. The vaccination cost will be 2000 ₹ to 5000 ₹ depending upon whether you are visiting a Govt Hospital or a private vet.

3. Golden Retriever Food Cost in India

golden retriever  food

As Golden Retrievers are very active dogs and love to eat therefore they need a great amount of food. They need a balanced diet containing important ingredients like protein, fat, fiber, calcium, iron other essential vitamins.

The food available at our home does not contain enough nutrients because dogs need more amount of nutrients than humans. You should buy quality food for your dog available in the market.

The average expenses on food can be around 2000 ₹ to 10000 ₹ per month depending upon the quality of dog food you buy for your Goldie. You might also love to offer treats to your dog and that may cost you around 200 ₹ to 800 ₹ per month.

4. Golden Retriever Grooming Cost in India

The Grooming Cost of a Golden Retriever can be approximately 1000 ₹ to 3000 ₹ per visit including bath, brushing, eye and ear cleaning, teeth brushing, nail trimming, de-shedding, haircut, etc.

As Golden Retriever is a medium-large-sized dog its grooming charges may be slightly more than that of a small-sized dog.

Golden Retrievers shed throughout the year so they need regular grooming and occasional baths. To prevent any infection their ears need to have regular cleaning. Frequent grooming reduces the amount of hair shed in your Golden Retriever.

5. Golden Retriever Healthcare Cost in India

If you want to keep your dog healthy then you should go for a routine veterinary visit as Golden Retrievers are susceptible to genetic disorders and other diseases. A regular checkup can alert you before the disease becomes severe.

On average, a private veterinary doctor can charge around 200 ₹ to 500 ₹ per visit for consultation plus medicines cost extra. If you are visiting a government hospital then the charges will be less than 200 ₹ including consultation and medicines.

The above-mentioned cost is for the regular treatment of your dog but if your dog suffers any severe disease like cancer, Hip dysplasia, or any other then special treatment is required. This may cost you a minimum of 10000 ₹ and go up to thousands or lakhs.

6. Golden Retriever Insurance Cost in India

If a dog suffers any serious accident or disease it may cost thousands of rupees to its owner and it is generally difficult to bear these high expenses for a middle-class family. So, It becomes necessary to get insurance for your dog.

Some insurance companies are available in India which offer different types of covers for your pet. On average, you have to pay 300 ₹ to 2000 ₹ per premium depending on the type of insurance you buy for your dog.

7. Golden Retriever Training Cost in India

golden retriever training cost

Golden Retrievers are quick learners and easy to train from basic to advance. so training is fun for them. To train your golden Retriever at advanced standards you will need a professional trainer.

On average, a professional trainer may charge you 5000 ₹ to 30000 ₹ for a full training package. This cost may vary depending upon the experience and popularity of the dog trainer.

8. Travelling Cost of a Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers love traveling and other outdoor activities. They hate to live alone at home so you should bring them with you while travelling. On average, you can to spend around 500 ₹ to 2000 ₹ per month.

9. Other Accessories Cost of a Golden Retriever

Your dog needs some accessories like a food and water bowl, leash, shampoo, brush, nail clippers, bed, toys, toothbrush kit, etc, and the total average cost of these accessories can be around 1500 ₹ to 6000 ₹.

Common Health Issues in Golden Retriever

Healthy Golden Retrievers have an average life span is around 10 to 12 years. Cancer and Hip Dysplasia are the most common disease reported in Golden Retrievers. Apart from these, they may suffer Canine Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Heart problems, skin problems, and eye problems.

Cancer is the most common health problem in many dogs but there is a high rate of cancer in Golden Retrievers than in other dogs. Hip Dysplasia is also genetically found most common health issue in Golden Retrievers. So you should regularly notice the health of your dog.  

History and Origin

The Golden Retriever was originally bred in Scotland in the mid 19th century for the purpose of retrieving shot upland game birds during shooting and hunting parties. Due to their soft mouth, the Golden retrievers have the ability to retrieve shot games undamaged.

Golden Retriever dogs are suitable with land as well as water. They have an extreme love for the water. Their friendly temperament makes them suitable as a family dog. Golden Retriever became one of the popular dog breeds in the world.

Physical Appearance

Talking about the physical appearance of a Golden Retriever, it is the medium large-sized dog. In males, the height is around 56 cm to 61 cm whereas in females the height is around 51 cm to 56 cm.

Golden Retrievers are available in coats of different shades of golden and cream colors such as light golden, dark golden, light cream, dark cream, etc. The topcoat is slightly wavy and water-resistant whereas the undercoat is soft and keeps the goldie cool in summer and warm in winter,

The average weight of male golden retrievers is around 29 kg to 34 kg whereas the average weight of females is around 25 kg to 29 kg.


Golden retrievers have some special characteristics that make them social family dogs. Some of the characteristics are listed below-

1. Friendly and Gentle Temperament

One of the important reasons that people love having a golden retriever is their friendly and gentle temperament. They never try to harm anyone that’s why they are not good guard dogs. Golden Retrievers are extremely friendly to children and women.

2. Kind and Loyal

Golden Retrievers are very kind and loyal to people. They also show emotions towards their owner and are also easy to please. typically they are not aggressive dogs.

3. Intelligent and Obedient

Golden Retrievers are very intelligent and obedient dogs and that makes them quick learners and easy to train. They are used for the purpose of guide dogs for blind people, helping to rescue people from many natural disasters, bombs or drug-sniffing at airports.

4. Fond of Play and Exercise

Golden Retrievers were bred to be working retrievers, they have a lot of energy and love long walks and exercise. They also love playing, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

5. Great Swimmers

As we discussed before that the Golden Retrievers have a natural love of water. They are great swimmers and love to spend time in fishing and other fun activities in the water. Their webbed feet help them to swim more efficiently.

Pros and Cons of Having a Golden Retriever as Pet


  • Golden Retrievers are very beautiful and Super family dogs
  • They have incredible sweet creature
  • Golden Retrievers are great hiking and adveture companions.
  • They have happy, loving, friendly and playful nature.
  • Golden retrievers can be used as a guide dogs for blind people and a hear dogs for deaf as they are super intelligent breed.
  • They are excellent with children and never get aggressive with children.
  • Golden Retrievers are also nice to all other dogs.
  • They can be easily trained and can start following commands.
  • Golden Retrievers are also very entertaining dogs.


  • Golden Retrievers shed a lot so they need regular brushing and grooming.
  • They never love to be left alone. so you have to spend time with your goldie.
  • As Golden Retrievers are very energitic dogs they need a lot of exercise and long walk. so you have to be very active in these activities.
  • If you are looking for a guard dog then you have to look for some other breeds because Golden Retrievers are way too friendly and rarely become aggressive.
  • They are generally medium large sized dogs and need enough space if you travel with your Golden Retriever.

1. What is the Cost of a Golden Retriever Puppy in India?

On average, a Golden Retriever Puppy Price in India ranges to be around 10,000₹ to 50,000₹.

2. Where to buy a golden retriever puppy in India?

If you are looking to buy a golden retriever then you should go to a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder will provide you a healthy puppy and it can rule out common genetic issues.

3. Can a Golden Retriever be a guard dog?

Golden Retrievers are generally a very kind and friendly breed. They are not suitable as guard dogs. If you are looking for a guard dog then you should avoid golden retrievers.

Final Conclusion

In final words, A Golden Retriever can provide unconditional love to you and your family. It will give you a great experience as Golden Retriever is a gentle, kind, friendly and loyal dog.

A Golden Retriever can be a perfect dog for your family but before bringing it to your home, you should keep in mind the expenses for its maintenance.

I hope this article Golden Retriever Dog Price in India And Its Other Expenses is helpful to you. If you have any query please let us know in the comment box.

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